Objectives of the report:

  • Making end users aware that identity and access management will gain in importance due to the growing complexity of IT infrastructures and the application landscape;
  • Analyzing the most common challenges users are faced with when they want to secure identities and access;
  • Defining the requirements for implementing a modern IAM strategy to meet tomorrow’s challenges.



teknowlogy’s analysis

  • Management summary
  • teknowlogy’s opinion
  • teknowlogy’s recommendations

Why IAM is becoming even more important

The major challenges of IAM

  • Keeping up with the scale
  • The challenge of master data management
  • The human vector
  • Regulations and compliance

How modern IAM should be done

  • Overcoming the legacy – strategy for a modern IAM
  • Assessing the status quo and defining clear targets
  • Life cycle and authentication
  • Access control model
  • Hybrid infrastructure and federation
  • Empowering the employees
  • Some thoughts on automation
  • Implementation practices