SITSI® stands for "Software and IT Services Industry". It is the umbrella brand for all off-the-shelf studies published by market research and consulting firm teknowlogy | PAC.

The SITSI® Research Library is the most comprehensive research platform on software and IT services since 1992, giving you access to over 3,000 documents.

The SITSI research library



  SITSI® is a professional base covering different market dimensions, which we have been using
for many years. The mix of horizontal and vertical know-how on a country level is a major differentiator. PAC understands our issues and priorities and therefore adds visible value in preparing business decisions.
Head of Market Intelligence, T-Systems

What is SITSI® and how to use it?

Video series (2 episodes) Introduction to SITSI®

SITSI® Research Library



  I value PAC for their company profiles and market forecast data, which really help me in my role.
I have a good relationship with all the PAC team, and they are very responsive to my frequent requests.
UK Market Insight Manager, CGI