Revenue for the quarter was EUR 265 million, registering a decrease of 1% from EUR 268.4 million the same period last year. Gross profit went up by 1%, reaching EUR 213.3 million from EUR 210.4 million in Q4 2017 and net income grew by 27% year over year from EUR 48 million, reaching EUR 61 million.

For the full fiscal year period, revenue was 866 million, down by 2% year over year from EUR 879 million. Gross profit increased by 1% equaling EUR 671 million and net income increased by 17% to EUR 165.2 million, from EUR 141 million in FY 2017.

By segments, revenues from Licenses went down by 7% to EUR 105 million, those from Maintenance increased by 3% to EUR 107 million, SaaS/Usage based equaled EUR 5 million, Services declined by 2%, totaling EUR 48 million and Other grew by 43% to EUR 317 thousand.

For the full fiscal year, revenues from Licenses remained flat at EUR 249.4 million, the ones from Maintenance decreased as well by 1% to EUR 415.4 million, SaaS/Usage based equaled EUR 17.5 million, Services shrank by 8% year over year, reaching EUR 182.5 million and Other went up by 8% to EUR 851 thousand.