This InSight Analysis report provides a coherent analysis and current overview of the software & IT services market in Spain. It summarizes IT expenditure and market shares by vertical sectors and by product & service segments. We discuss the relevance and impact of major trends in the Spanish software & IT services market and the positioning of leading software & IT services vendors. The report analyzes important software & IT services trends and their implications for both software & IT service vendors and IT users.

This report enables you to understand the local software & IT services market in Spain and the development of its individual market segments. PAC’s forecast and opinion on the market outlook pinpoints main drivers and risks and helps software & IT service vendors identify game-changing trends with a significant impact on the software & IT services market. IT user organizations can support their investment decisions and vendor selection with the findings from this report.

This InSight Analysis report is part of SITSI® market research published by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). In its standardized market reports, PAC analyzes the local specifics of the software and IT services markets in more than 25 countries.

Table of contents
Country Profile
National Economy vs. IT Market
Top 10 Trading Partners of Spain
Economic KPIs (country comparison)
PAC’s Analysis
Management Summary
PAC’s Opinion
Brief Description
Segment Characteristics
Growth Rates Forecast (IT Market)
IT Market KPIs (Country Comparison)
Software & Cloud Platforms Market
IT Services Market
Provider Landscape
Medium-term Trends
Major Trend Topics in the Software and IT Services Market
Discussion of Most Relevant Topics
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