This Excel document provides our optimistic and pessimistic scenarios for the development of the Software & IT Services market in 2020 and 2021 as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis.

It contains market figures broken down by products and services for the following segments:

  1. Total Software Products
             1.1. Infrastructure Software & Platform
                    1.1.1. Operating Systems
                    1.1.2. N3SM (Network, System, Storage and Security Management)
                    1.1.3. Middleware
            1.2. Application Software Products
                   1.2.1. Office, Content & Collaboration
                   1.2.2. Horizontal Business Applications (incl. BI)
                   1.2.3. Vertical Business Applications
                   1.2.4. Technical Applications
           1.3. Software as a Service (SaaS)
                  1.3.1. N3SM & Middleware
                  1.3.2. Office, Content & Collaboration
                  1.3.3. Horizontal Business Applications (incl. BI)
                  1.3.4. Industry-specific Applications
  2. Total IT Services
       2.1. Infrastructure-related Services
              2.1.1. Infrastructure Support Services
           Hardware Maintenance
           Field Services and Services Desk
              2.1.2. Infrastructure-related Project Services
           Infrastructure-related Consulting
           Infrastructure-related System Integration
           Infrastructure-related IT Training
              2.1.3. Infrastructure Outsourcing Services
           End User Devices Outsourcing
           Data Center Outsourcing & Hosting
           Managed Data Center Services
           Public IaaS/PaaS
      2.2. Application-related Services
             2.2.1. Application-related Project Services
          Process & Application-related Consulting
          Application-related System Integration
          Application-related IT Training
             2.2.2. Application Management
       2.3. BPO
Total Software and IT Services

Please click here to download a template showing you the structure of this Excel document.