State of AI in France and top French AI start-ups

State of AI in France and top French AI start-ups

France is a fertile ground for Artificial Intelligence. French companies acknowledge the potential of AI and are increasingly interested in its use. The willingness to invest is growing, as is the volume of AI projects. AI technologies are becoming more commonly adopted across all sectors, to automate and improve processes, optimize data analysis, and develop new corporate strategies.

All signals are green for AI to grow in France because the country has a globally recognized pull on AI talent, led by French personalities in charge of AI labs at many tech giants, such as Google and Facebook. In addition to this, the French government is trying to take a leadership position by stimulating the adoption of AI in French sectors of excellence: the health and automotive industries. These are seen as markets that can benefit from early adoption, although all sectors can gain from exploring the possibilities in machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and automation.

The government has also established a national AI strategy and is pushing the economic environment to help startups grow faster. As a result, France is taking the lead in AI investments in Europe and is well-placed to overtake the UK in this race.

In our report The status quo of AI in France: an effervescent landscape, we have compiled some use cases in segments that are important for the French economy. AI is definitely growing in France among companies that have a strong data culture and the right resources. The challenge will be to democratize AI technologies across all kinds of companies while continuing to create relevant use cases in different industries.

As for the AI startup scene, it is massively concentrated in Paris, which might be an issue, and cooperation with large accounts is often very complicated. Moreover, there is a lack of capital to accelerate the development and growth of SMBs in France, although they are a big part of the economy. However, we have identified six French AI startups that we consider as the most promising ones and on which you can find details in the report:

  • Dataiku
  • AnotherBrain
  • Prophesee
  • Navya
  • Shift Technology
  • CosmoTech

You can download our report here.