In this report, we have compiled some use cases in segments that are important for the French economy. The examples show that there is momentum but the sectors are progressing at different speeds and large-scale projects are very rare. AI is definitely growing in France among companies that have a strong data culture and the right resources. The challenge will be to democratize AI technologies across all kinds of companies while continuing to create relevant use cases in different industries.



Management summary

Artificial intelligence: a brief introduction

  • Definition of AI
  • The foundations of artificial intelligence

AI strategies in French companies

Selected use cases of artificial intelligence

  • AI in customer support
  • AI usage in finance
  • Automation of processes with AI
  • Solving health issues with AI
  • The power of computer vision
  • Know your customer: AI enhances sales and marketing activities

AI start-up landscape in France

  • Funding situation of AI start-ups in France: on the road to European leadership
  • Mapping the French AI landscape

Selected French AI start-ups

  • Dataiku
  • Prophesee
  • Navya
  • Shift Technology
  • CosmoTech

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