AI is certainly the most important current buzzword. This is understandable because AI holds enormous potential for process improvement and the design of new services and business models. Especially in the German economy, which is characterized by the manufacturing and automotive industries, the capabilities of AI for process automation, quality assurance, supply chain optimization, and autonomous driving are enormous. However, other industries can also benefit from technical improvements in machine learning, image and speech recognition, and automation.
In this report, we have compiled some application cases in segments that are important for the German economy.



Management summary

Artificial intelligence: a brief introduction

  • Definition of AI
  • The foundations of artificial intelligence

AI strategies in German companies

Selected use cases of artificial intelligence

  • AI in IoT-related use cases
  • AI usage in quality assurance
  • Supply chain management – increasing efficiency with AI
  • AI in customer-related business processes
  • Autonomous driving
  • How AI helps to automate IT operations

AI start-up landscape in Germany

  • Funding situation of AI start-ups in Germany: all-in on the manufacturing industry
  • Mapping the German AI landscape

Introduction of some selected German AI start-ups

  • DeepL: Translation services based on deep learning technologies
  • Arago: Maker of HIRO, an AI-enabling platform to automate business processes
  • ExB Labs: Self-learning software for automatic analysis of texts and images
  • Inspirient: Finds and visualizes patterns in business data

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