Robotic automation (RPA) has become a critical element of digital transformation strategy across all industries.

From banking to utilities, the automation of specific tasks is seen as essential to competing in today's market and exceeding customer expectations. But, whilst many have dipped their toes into automation, moving from fragmented experimentation to transformational scaling has often been elusive. 

Our latest research report for Thoughtonomy — Taking Automation to the Next Level: How to Scale RPA from the Tactical to the Strategic — offers practical guidance to senior decision makers looking to both start and scale automation at their organizations. 

The report includes:

  • How to choose the right processes, measures and goals 
  • The main goals for organizations in early automation initiatives
  • The early challenges and critical success factors 
  • How organizations went about building the initial business case for automation
  • Lessons learnt from our customers Utilita and ESNEFT
  • The new challenges organizations face when automation leaps from tactical to strategic
  • Industry specific views of scaling automation
  • And much more

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