teknowlogy’s CxO Survey 2019: Improving the digital customer experience is among the top goals of manufacturers’ digital transformation projects

For manufacturing companies, optimizing internal processes is leading the list of major goals of digital transformation projects. Given the increasing maturity of digital technologies, this is not particularly surprising for teknowlogy, as the potential to reduce costs on all sides is still high and in the light of global competition and the resulting price pressure, the need to reduce costs is also high.

However, besides reducing costs and increasing efficiency, from teknowlogy’s point of view, manufacturers also have to further increase their focus on the customer experience in order to stay globally competitive in the long term. The survey results show that they are on the right track, as the top major goals for digital transformation projects include improvements in the digital customer experience as well as investments in value networks and digital ecosystems, which are also of major importance, in order to increase the overall value of products and services for customers.


teknowlogy conducted the 2019 edition of its annual 'SITSI® CxO Investment Survey', interviewing IT decision-makers in user companies covering teknowlogy’s SITS core markets to get their views on current IT trends, key requirements, and investment plans. In the manufacturing industry, 581 companies worldwide participated in the survey. The interviews were conducted with IT department managers and line of business managers who are involved in decisions concerning (local) IT budgets, IT investments, or IT sourcing.

We have published two reports that present and discuss the key findings from the survey for the manufacturing industry. The first report (part 1) provides primary research data and analysis on the business and IT challenges that companies are facing and prioritizing, as well as IT spending and budgets regarding different topics, projects, and services. The second report (part 2) provides research data on innovative IT topics such as AI, IoT, and cyber security.