teknowlogy unveils its "AI vendors of tomorrow - horizontals" mappings

teknowlogy unveils its "AI vendors of tomorrow - horizontals" mappings

Our third and last report about the AI vendors is published.

teknowlogy has carried out a major study on the artificial intelligence players on a global scale. We first listed some 3500 start-ups and SMEs which are software vendors and claim to offer artificial intelligence solutions. We analysed them closely (skills, financing, technical details...), and finally selected about 800 of them that seem to have serious offers. We then categorized these companies in order to give you a clear vision of who does what in a rough, plethoric and ever-changing market.

If you want to launch an artificial intelligence project, but are not familiar with its players, or if you cannot find your way around the abundance of available offers, the mappings we have designed, based on this selection and categorization work, can help you see through the fog. Below is an example of the mappings we have created for the "Sales" AI horizontal sector.

Each company featured in these mappings has gone through our scanner - quite human - to validate whether or not it uses at least one AI feature. It is not so much a question of avoiding "AI washing" and other more or less justified marketing arguments, but of verifying that these solutions provide an innovative element, likely to make the difference for your projects and to meet your ambitions and expectations. 

To discover these mappings, you can download our report about the main horizontal sectors within a company, AI vendors of tomorrow - horizontals which includes 13 'horizontals' with an analysis on the state of AI in each one of them and their associated players’ mapping "AI vendors of tomorrow".

The horizontal sectors anlysed are:

  • IT operations
  • Workplace
  • Customer support
  • Sales
  • HR & talent
  • Communication
  • Supply chain & logistics
  • R&D
  • Cyber security
  • Security & risks
  • Production & engineering
  • Finance & operations
  • Marketing

Our two previous reports about digital contexts and fundamental AI technologies are already published and available:

Of course, these maps can only give an overview of the information we have in our AI providers database . If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us!

As an example, below is our selection of suppliers in the "Sales" horizontal sector.

And you can download the full report here.