teknowlogy's top IT trends for 2019 – 1/10 Business Innovation Architecture

 teknowlogy's top IT trends for 2019 – 1/10 Business Innovation Architecture

A very important trend for 2019 is actually a classic one, but under a new guise: modern, intelligent IT architectures – a concept teknowlogy refers to as "Business Innovation Architecture (BIA)". The need for a new type of architecture arises from the requirement for rapid and continuous change. The pressure to quickly introduce new digital technologies and innovations is steadily increasing and overwhelming today's IT installations. Therefore, in our view, a business innovation architecture must enable the integration and interaction of data, technologies, processes, services, and ecosystems. Future-proof architectures place the data at the center and use the necessary processes (business logic) and interfaces to transfer it to all internal and external stakeholders.

A business innovation architecture must adopt a holistic approach to digital transformation within the company. This includes customer-driven changes at the front end (CX, customer journey, etc.), as well as operational digitalization in back-end processes (IoT, RPA, etc.).

The architecture should enable the loose coupling of various technologies, e.g. for data management, security, artificial intelligence, customer experience, cloud integration, and operational infrastructure. This loose coupling is in fact an important feature, as it provides the agility and flexibility needed to respond to change swiftly, in a pragmatic way, and at all levels: in terms of the operating model (cloud, on-premises, etc.), the processes, the design of services and business models, as well as ecosystems.

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Detailed InBrief Analysis on teknowlogy's business innovation architecture model

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