teknowlogy's top IT trends for 2019 – 4/10 Artificial intelligence

teknowlogy's top IT trends for 2019 – 4/10 Artificial intelligence

A niche technology up to now, artificial intelligence (AI) is on the verge of widespread use in business. This will result in new, rewarding fields of application, such as in the optimization of operations (operational excellence), customer support (contact center), and customer experience, by integrating AI into relevant enterprise applications.

However, AI is not a single technology. Rather, it is a toolset of various technologies that can be used to implement the above scenarios. Today, AI providers already offer ready-to-use modules that capture the content of texts, understand natural language, and recognize moving objects and faces. This lays the foundation for new human-machine interactions. The first companies are already implementing these features in chatbots and automated processes.

We define four AI areas for different business applications. AI-based enhanced analytics is based on intensive data analysis that is used to help identify patterns and predict future results. Typical usage scenarios arise here in the areas of cyber security and personalized marketing. Another important and advanced application is robotic process automation (RPA), i.e. the automation of business processes to improve efficiency and quality. The third field of application is in the areas of customer experience and customer interaction, where the focus is on better and innovative customer experiences. Last but not least, there is the application of intelligent agents, where personal assistance systems are implemented to relieve employees of time-consuming, monotonous tasks.

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