teknowlogy's top IT trends for 2019 – 9/10 IoT security and ICS security (industrial control systems)

teknowlogy's top IT trends for 2019 – 9/10 IoT security and ICS security (industrial control systems)

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings completely new risks. To enable new services and business models, manufacturing companies are creating new points of access for the data pools of machinery. However, this trend towards opening up is not a process limited to the manufacturing industry. Comparable developments can be observed in almost all sectors, such as among car manufacturers (connected car, autonomous driving), energy companies (smart meters, smart grids), banks (PSD2), as well as in the public sector (smart cities, open data) and in health care (smart health).

The challenge is that the networking of production systems, machinery, and equipment is progressing faster than its means of protection. The integration of legacy systems into the IoT is proving to be particularly problematic when there are no integrated cyber security mechanisms. They would need to be revised, modified, or retrofitted, but companies often lack the necessary tools, resources, risk awareness, as well as IT-wide and cross-domain know-how.

Therefore, companies in all industries should be quick to strive for an enterprise-wide, unified IoT, ICS (industrial control systems), and cyber security strategy that implements a new, holistic defense and protection paradigm. Lines of defense with varying degrees of strength are provided in a staggered arrangement, so that attacks on the outer defensive perimeter can be quickly identified and neutralized. The inner, critical areas are particularly well-protected with this concept. Cloud-based big data and AI technologies are used for implementation.

In 2019, as digitalization progresses, companies should increasingly focus on protecting their IoT installations and industrial control systems, but also their traditional IT, as these are increasingly integrated as part of digital transformation.

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