The top 10 IT trends for 2020 (10) – Trend 9: Managed security services accompany digital change

 The top 10 IT trends for 2020 (10) – Trend 9: Managed security services accompany digital change

Today we are faced with a dynamically changing threat situation that has many causes. On the one hand, there is an astonishing rise in cyber attacks that are increasingly innovative, agile, global, and targeted. On the other hand, digital transformation technologies such as the cloud, mobility, IoT, IT/OT integration, and software-defined everything are causing a sea change in the way IT is built, run, and secured. Last but not least, security is strongly influenced by the level of regulation, especially in the EU, where relevant regulations tend to be very stringent. In a world where data is the target of hackers and where doors are opened by users as well as by companies and, to some extent, by regulators (e.g. PSD2, open API strategies), traditional security strategies no longer work.

However, companies also have a growing set of tools at their disposal that enable defensive measures, for example:

  • Managed SOCs in which service providers bundle security specialists;
  • SIEM solutions that create transparency in terms of security incidents;
  • Securing the cloud provides complementary protection for cloud operations;
  • DevSecOps integrates security into development processes;
  • Privileged access & ID management extends current security systems.

teknowlogy | PAC expects 2020 to be the year in which user organizations re-evaluate their cyber security strategies and architectures, as well as their cyber security make-or-buy decisions. The changes mentioned above, combined with the dramatic skills shortage in cyber security, will drive strong growth in demand for managed security services. The increasingly complex threat scenarios exceed the responsiveness of in-house teams, which is why security tasks will be externalized, which in turn will drive the need for managed security services.

The top 10 IT trends, which we believe will have the greatest impact in 2020: