The top 10 IT trends for 2020 (11) – Trend 10: Agile and DevOps boost flexibility 

The top 10 IT trends for 2020 (11) – Trend 10: Agile and DevOps boost flexibility 

Shorter time to market and digitalization increase the need for agile development platforms and corresponding methods. This is a response to the need for rapid reaction to new customer requirements and the rapid implementation of innovations, especially in the front-end area, where start-ups and Internet companies have set new standards in the design of modern customer interfaces. This has put pressure on consumer-oriented companies in sectors such as media, retail, and transport to quickly adopt interface innovations and related services.

Agile development methods and DevOps are increasingly also used for back-office applications, to implement digital transformation in processes. This leads to higher adoption rates in manufacturing, banking, and insurance, where process efficiency is of major importance.

However, agile methods and DevOps are mainly used in the development of new applications. Legacy applications are still developed according to waterfall concepts and methods. This leads to two different application development methods being applied in the same company, and thus a separation of the developer teams. On the one hand, this requires adjustments to the project organization and the transition to operating mode; on the other hand, development and deployment environments and methods need to be adapted.

Consequently, teknowlogy | PAC expects significant growth in demand in the areas of DevOps and agile consulting with regard to IT and the business side, their cooperation in project definition, and the necessary adaptations and corresponding environments. Open-source approaches, such as Cloud Foundry and its ecosystem, will continue to be in the foreground. teknowlogy/PAC increasingly expects standards-based DevOps-as-a-Service solutions that can easily be adapted to the respective customers’ and developers’ needs.

Within our 2020 SITSI® research program, we will continue to follow, analyze, and predict the development of the IT market, including both user demand and vendor ecosystem. In 2020, we will place special emphasis on the 10 hot topics mentioned.

The top 10 IT trends, which we believe will have the greatest impact in 2020: