The top 10 IT trends for 2020 (9) – Trend 8: Cloud-based services revolutionize application development and deployment

The top 10 IT trends for 2020 (9) – Trend 8: Cloud-based services revolutionize application development and deployment

Custom software development has recently given a boost to overall IT market growth. And even if a future economic downturn hampers investment, companies will still face pressure to further evolve in order not to lose ground to their more digital competitors.

The demand for faster development and deployment of web-based, mobile, and data-centric services has been driving the adoption of cloud models for some time, and this is increasingly focusing on PaaS. Cloud platforms do not only provide the complete stack to support an application life cycle, including DevOps and CI/CD concepts. They also offer tools that specifically address the requirements of IoT, CX, and analytics applications, as well as futuristic capabilities like image recognition and natural language processing.

Incumbent PaaS players are now being challenged by PaaS capabilities from the hyperscalers, who have been enriching their platforms with services such as analytics, machine learning (ML), or artificial intelligence (AI). And these platforms not only address new apps development, since migrated packaged software can also be enriched with these advanced PaaS functionalities.

SaaS vendors’ platforms primarily address the development of add-on solutions to their core software. For instance, SAP’s side-by-side approach aims at keeping the core of new S/4HANA systems clean while extensions are developed directly in the cloud. And as platforms are considered to be the basis for future ecosystem-centric business models, many enterprises, e.g. from the automotive, aviation, life science, and healthcare industries, have been developing their own platforms, which are open to their business ecosystems and thus to third-party developers from partners, suppliers, or clients.

Low-code platform services not only address developers that want to integrate these services into their apps, but also people with domain expertise but without software development know-how who want to build applications. For event-driven procedures, serverless infrastructure services enable the provision of program code without having to deal with the underlying infrastructure – with the ultimate vision of “NoOps”.

Given these developments, the scope of software projects is expected to increasingly move from individual coding to an additional orchestration of available cloud-based building blocks.

The top 10 IT trends, which we believe will have the greatest impact in 2020: