Digital transformation is not only about selling more products to consumers through innovative interfaces. It is a profound transformation of the entire society, of the way we work and live.

The public sector simply cannot ignore this transformation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technological lever to reach ambitious digital transformation objectives.



The digital transformation of the public sector leads to AI

  • Digital government and smart cities are the third stage of digital transformation in the public sector
  • Many artificial intelligence aspects are relevant for public sector transformation

AI has the potential to dramatically improve efficiency in the public sector

  • Citizen relationships and the work of back-office agents are candidates for quick wins
  • All major public functions are impacted by AI improvements

A path to AI-powered digital transformation in the public sector

  • How to overcome the challenges
  • Looking for inspiring quick wins and longer-term projects

PAC’s recommendations

  • Recommendations for IT providers
  • Recommendations for IT buyers