This report provides an overview of the software and IT services (SITS) market in the French transport sector. It provides key data on IT expenditure and the SITS market. It analyzes the market characteristics, situation and trends, reviews major projects and accounts, and identifies the leading software and IT services providers. All information is presented in dashboard style. 

Focusing on the key metrics of the transport IT market in France, this report helps IT vendors and investors identify market opportunities, local hot spots and potential partners. Furthermore, it allows easy identification of major growth drivers and obstacles to future market development. IT users will get an overview of sector-specific IT trends and the supplier landscape. 

This InSight Analysis report is part of SITSI® Market Research published by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). In its standardized market reports PAC analyzes the local specifics of the software and IT services markets in more than 25 countries.

Table of contents
PAC’s Comment on the Transport Sector
PAC's Opinion
PAC's Recommendation
Profile of the Transport Sector
Major Accounts
Sector Economy vs. SITS Market
Characteristics of the IT Market in the Transport Sector
Market Segmentation (SITS Market)
Growth Rates Forecast (SITS Market)
IT Market KPIs (country comparison)
Medium-term Trends in the Transport Sector
Major Trend Topics
Discussion of Most Relevant Topics
Provider Landscape in the Transport Sector
Major Software & Cloud Platforms Providers
Major IT Services Providers
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