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Identity and access management (IAM) solutions will assume a new importance for European businesses as they embrace digital transformation, and adapt to the changing role of IT within the enterprise.

Businesses are supporting an increasingly diverse and multiplying range of endpoint devices, flexible ways of working and changing attitudes from the digital generation now entering the workplace.

Mobile has become the new norm. Choose-your-own-device (CYOD) initiatives are making it more challenging to ensure secure access for the right individuals to corporate applications and data.

To address these challenges, European businesses are looking to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their IAM platforms by moving from a departmental approach to a centralized, enterprise-wide strategy.

The focus of future IAM investment is moving from mature areas such as password management and asset inventory and towards those that add greater business value such as cloud based identity management as-a-service (IDaaS).

At the same time, IAM is being used as a platform to support the launch of new digital services and to manage risk created by new technologies and an evolving threat landscape, both within and outside the organization.

Against this background, PAC conducted a survey of 200 CISOs, CIOs, CSOs and IT Security Managers across Europe. The executives are employed in banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, services, telecoms, transport and the public sector, and are based in the Benelux and Nordic regions, Switzerland, France, Germany and the UK.

The study explores the following questions:

  • What impact is digital transformation having on the overall strategy of European businesses?
  • Is IAM seen as a way to enable and secure the launch of new digital services?
  • How are European CISOs responding to the opportunities & challenges of managing consumer identities?
  • What are the main risks to the security of IAM in the digital age?
  • What are the investment plans for IAM solutions in the next three years?

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