Unit4 shakes up partner strategy

Unit4 has announced an overhaul of its global partner program as it looks to build on recent momentum.
The Netherlands-based company, which posted a 5% increase in revenue to €372m in its latest financial year, is standing up a dedicated global partner team, aligned by region and industry, to provide training, resources and support.
Partners will now fall into three levels (“Select,” “Premier” and “Elite”) based on their capabilities, contributions and customer satisfaction. Select is the first level for newcomers or for specialists in a specific market, while Premier and Elite partners earn their stripes through the development of skill and offerings around the Unit4 product set, and through delivering successful projects.
The company breaks down its partner community into several categories. The company has around 40 go-to-market partners that includes resellers, VARs and OEMs who are responsible for selling, implementing and supporting Unit4’s products. Product and innovation partners include software vendors and OEMs that will enhance the functionality of the product set; while service and delivery partners help with the implementation and support of integrated solutions. The latter category already includes international SIs such as Capgemini and Infosys as well as regional and industry specialists such as the UK’s Embridge Consulting.
This is a real positive step forward for Unit4. We had identified the company’s partner strategy as an area for improvement, as its previous approach lacked the structure and level of support offered by the vendor’s larger peers. The expansion of its ecosystem of other software vendors and OEMs will support the development of its People Platform technology framework, which offers features for integration of third-party data and systems, chat bot and process automation functions.
Meanwhile, the development of the services partner channel will help Unit4 to join he dots between its products and evolving customer demands in its core industry sectors, which include government, higher education, non-profit and professional services. The stakeholder landscape that will shape investment in new platforms in the post-pandemic landscape will incorporate both line of business leaders as well as technology strategy leaders, and partners will be key to helping Unit4 engage with the full spectrum.