Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most hyped topics, and this is also the case in cyber security. There are a series of use cases were AI can be used to reduce manual work by humans and increase the level of security due to the ability to monitor 100% of traffic or 100% of actions taken by users – a task that human cyber security analysts could not do due to the prohibitive associated costs.



Management Summary


  • Cyber security challenges – the new paradigm
  • Usage of artificial intelligence in cyber security
  • The blurry boundaries between RPA and AI – automation in cyber security

Current and Future Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

  • Current use cases for AI in cyber security
  • Security operations centers with AI
  • Network threat identification with AI
  • Email monitoring with AI
  • Antivirus software with AI
  • User behavior modeling with AI
  • Fight against AI threats with AI
  • The future usage of AI in cyber security

The Advantages of AI in Cyber Security

The Challenges of AI in Cyber Security

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