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Augustin Gosoniu

Augustin has been working in the ICT industry since 2003 and joined PAC in early 2014 as a Consultant covering CEE region, with a focus on Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Role and responsibilities:

Since 2016 he has been Senior Researcher responsible for quantitative research, focused on the 300 leading software and IT services players at global and regional levels. He has also been involved in the quality assurance and preparation of market figures and company rankings for PAC’s SITSI® research program.

Areas of expertise:

  • Research dedicated to software and IT services providers worldwide
  • Various research focused on IT players and overall IT market trends
  • Preparation and quality assurance for SITSI® market figures and rankings

Previous experience:

  • Technical Sales Specialist & Marketing Analyst – ACS Xerox s.r.o. Czech Republic, on behalf of EMC2  EMEA


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Faculty Of Mathematics And Computer Science – University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Department of Applied Mathematics – Probability & Statistics – University of Bucharest, Romania

Senior Researcher
PAC Romania


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Contact information:
Augustin Gosoniu
Tel: +40 72 229 23 86
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