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Eugen Schwab-Chesaru

Eugen Schwab-Chesaru joined the Bucharest team in 1999 to help set up PAC’s subsidiary in Romania and he also led the launch of PAC’s SITSI® program of off-the-shelf reports in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
Since 2013, he has been Deputy Chief Analyst, then VP Research for PAC Group.

Role and responsibilities:

Main responsibilities include heading PAC’s operations in the greater CEE area, including market research and strategic consulting, as well as deep research and quantitative analysis of the most important 300 software and IT services companies in EMEA and at global level.

Areas of expertise:

  • Software and IT services industry in CEE
  • Strategic consulting for software and IT services vendors
  • Quantitative business analysis of global and European leading IT players

Industry Awards/Accolade:

  • “IT Market Analyst of the Year 2009” by Club IT&C Romania
  • ROCS 2011 – Award of Excellence by IDG


  • Bachelor’s degree from Technical University of Civil Engineering, Graduate of Civil Engineering – Bucharest, Romania
  • Scholarship for excellence from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) – Lyon, France

Vice President Research
Vice President – Head of
Central & Eastern Europe

TOPICS: Any topic
COUNTRIES: Eastern Europe



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Contact information:
Eugen Schwab-Chesaru
Tel: +40 21 41 01 033
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