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Alessandra Pinza

Alessandra Pinza holds a degree in Business Administration Engineering obtained in 1997 at Milan Polytechnic University in Italy. She started her professional carrier in early 1998 at IDC where she worked as a Research Analyst with a strong focus on projects aiming to evaluate Internet usage in Italy. Alessandra’s next professional step was at Gartner where she gained experience related to research and consulting activities addressing mainly ICT vendors.

After a short period spent with Sirmi, an Italian IT research company, she joined PAC's partner NetConsulting cube, further specializing her expertise in the field of ICT consulting and data intelligence services. In particular, her competences encompass the analysis of ICT market trends, market shares and competition; the assessment of vendors and respective products; the positioning of vendors – mainly in the software and IT services sectors; the writing of profiles and SWOT analyses; the preparation of scenario white papers and presentations. She participates in projects addressing both IT vendors and end users.

Senior Analyst
at NetConsulting cube


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Alessandra Pinza
Tel: +39 02 43929062
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