Workplace 2025 - Manufacturing

This webinar has already taken place.

The Manufacturing sector is changing radically as the Internet of Things (IoT) enables smart factories and Industry 4.0 capabilities, such as predictive maintenance and servitization. These changes will drive the development of new business models as artificial intelligence (AI) and the rise of intelligent automation. How prepared is your Manufacturing business for the important workplace shifts that will fundamentally change the way we work – and dictate how well equipped it is to compete – over the next decade? Join this webinar and you will gain essential insight and discussion on:

  • This 5 best practices that Manufacturers need to develop a secure, collaborative and productive digital workplace
  • How are Manufacturing organizations across EMEA addressing these changes? And how does your organization compare to that of your peers?
  • Real-life examples of organizations that have successfully laid the foundations for the future workplace, the results achieved and lessons learned.
  • What needs to be in place to create a workplace environment that will attract and retain the best talent entering the workforce over the next decade?


Ravi Krishnamoorthi - Head of Manufacturing for EMEIA, Fujitsu
Klaus Holzhauser - Lead Analyst, Manufacturing, PAC