Today, cybersecurity is a number one priority for businesses. With advanced threats and technologies rising rapidly, security teams often find themselves a step behind. Cybercriminals identify security vulnerabilities and target businesses relentlessly via multiple attack vectors. Organizations therefore need to accommodate new and technologically advanced elements to ensure that their businesses remain relevant.

A  robust and comprehensive Cyber Defense center (CDC) is core to building an effective cyber security program. In order to design, operate, and manage cyber security in an enterprise effectively, it is necessary to have a clear overview of the topic, and actions have to be taken in a consistent and correlated manner. CDCs bring together best-in class skills and constantly updated solutions, providing noiseless security operations round-the-clock through a world-class network of interconnected, global facilities.

This whitepaper attempts to examine and elucidate the fundamental aspects that need to be considered in order to secure an organization robustly and mitigate all possible threats or breaches.

Whitepaper: Next-generation Cyber Defense Center – AreYou Ready?













   The white paper is available for download