Wipro bolsters cloud arsenal with closer ties to AWS and IBM

Enterprise cloud is rapidly becoming the core battleground for IT services firms, with the already considerable demand accelerating as businesses revaluate their infrastructure in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wipro's approach to tackling its clients’ insatiable appetite for cloud is to invest in core partnerships and the vendor has recently announced the extension of two key alliances. 
The first is a deeper collaboration with IBM on core cloud solutions, and the second is the launch of a new dedicated AWS Business group.

The tie-up with IBM is a shrewd move. Big Blue’s somewhat cluttered approach to infrastructure and cloud is now much more focused. The arrival of a new CEO - hailing from the IBM's cloud business - inevitably led to a streamlining of the business, with the traditional infrastructure segments set to be spun out, leaving IBM to concentrate on Cloud. The result is an IBM that fits more snugly as a partner for another big IT services firm, and one that is gearing up to take its public cloud pedigree to more aggressively battle with the hyperscale giants. 

IBM-powered solutions already line Wipro's cloud arsenal, in areas such as cloud management platform BoundaryLess Enterprise and migration accelerator ModernizeR. The latest move will see Wipro and IBM take a more vertical focus, with each working to shift the needle on cloud maturity at an industry level. But Wipro will also look to ride IBM's renewed challenge in the hyperscale market, which is a potentially lucrative prospect for a partner that can build additional layers of value for clients. 

Wipro has also announced the creation of a new AWS Business Group, boasting a pool of over 10,000 AWS certified professionals. The business unit merges AWS capability from across its operations - bringing in experience from an array of industry-focused cloud delivery teams. AWS has enjoyed massive success in the hyperscale space, and we recently looked at how its clients are migrating increasingly complex workloads onto its platforms. This is creating increasingly substantial opportunities for its IT services partner ecosystem, which incorporates a plethora of major IT services firms and specialists. While Wipro isn't alone in carving out an entire business line dedicated to servicing AWS, the move does demonstrate the firm's commitment to the partnership, and to scaling up an already sizeable, but distributed internal talent pool to do battle in a punishingly competitive market.

The market for cloud services can only grow, as businesses rebuild their operations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Timelines for cloud migration projects are shortening from years to months as IT teams struggle to keep systems running in environments that were never designed for their current circumstances. As a result, we can expect to see an acceleration in the cloud services space - and a greater emphasis on building hybrid and public cloud-oriented infrastructure models. Wipro is increasingly geared up to support this trend by bringing in a strong blend of talent and industry focus, powered by collaborative partnerships with the cloud giants.