Your AI Friday - 1110

Your AI Friday - 1110

Welcome to the weekly selection of links compiled by PAC's AI team. This week, there have been more questions about the future of artificial intelligence, but also articles showing a greater maturity of AI applications. Enjoy reading!





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The effects of artificial intelligence are still difficult to measure. However, one thing is certain, and that is that all industry sectors will be affected. The article below gives an overview of the impacted sectors as well as of the challenges posed by this new technology.

"Bosses of non-tech companies in a broad range of industries are starting to worry that AI could scorch or even incinerate them, and have been buying up promising young tech firms to ensure they do not fall behind."

Non-tech businesses are beginning to use artificial intelligence at scale




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Artificial intelligence is a strategic issue for companies but also for governments. Some countries, such as China as early as 2017 or France in March 2018, have announced their plans to become leaders in this area. The article below reveals the recommendations given by the British House of Lords for making the UK a leader in artificial intelligence, by focusing on the importance of the ethical dimension in the development of this technology.

"The UK has a unique opportunity to shape AI positively for the public’s benefit and to lead the international community in AI’s ethical development, rather than passively accept its consequences."

UK can lead the way on ethical AI, says Lords Committee

Source: Parliament UK


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In the United States, at the end of Obama's term, two AI reports were provided to the government to help establish an AI strategy. The US was in fact the first country to think about such a thing at this high level. Trump's administration has clearly shown less interest in the subject, much to the dismay of some American specialists. So even though there is no national strategy, the US military and various government agencies have not abandoned their AI research and projects. So, let’s be optimistic and assume that the resulting machines will only have our best interest at heart…

"Congress is also weighing in on the need for a national machine intelligence strategy. The House Oversight Committee's information technology subcommittee is holding a series of hearings on how government agencies can adopt “game changing” AI technologies. DARPA and other agency officials echoed calls for R&D investments, broader access to government data and boosting the AI workforce through computer science and STEM education."

Needed: U.S. machine intelligence strategy  George Leopold

Source: Defense System 


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It seems that since the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, the United States and part of the world have only gradually been finding out that the data managed by Facebook (and most social networks) is not that well-protected after all and is in fact used for commercial purposes and even to win elections... What a surprise! As if Facebook had previously been hiding the fact that it makes almost all its money through advertising... However, the public is now (a little) more aware of the risks associated with personal data, which doesn't, however, prevent Facebook from planning on using AI algorithms to predict user behavior and sell better advertising services to its customers. Not actually sure the current scandal will change much...

"Instead of merely offering advertisers the ability to target people based on demographics and consumer preferences, Facebook instead offers the ability to target them based on how they will behave, what they will buy, and what they will think. These capabilities are the fruits of a self-improving, artificial intelligence-powered prediction engine, first unveiled by Facebook in 2016 and dubbed 'FBLearner Flow.'”

Facebook uses artificial intelligence to predict your future actions for advertisers, says confidential document  Sam Biddle

Source: The Intercept






AI in all its facets: ads, videos, partnerships, computer graphics... to read, see and listen this week.

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